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ASHRAE - Refrigeration Equipment New

Course Description

An introduction to the configurations and operation of air cooling and liquid cooling evaporators, positive displacement and aerodynamic compressors and the different heat transfer processes.

  • Separate Inch – Pound (I – P) and metric (SI) versions are available.
  • PDHs: 11.5

Designed for:

  • Recent engineering graduates working in HVAC&R
  • Engineers entering HVAC&R from another area
  • Technicians

After completing this course, you will understand:.

  • The configuration and operation of air cooling and liquid cooling evaporators.
  • The operating principles of positive displacement and aerodynamic compressors.
  • The basic convection heat transfer processes involved in the condensation of the refrigerant vapor discharged from the compressor.
  • The two modes of fluid flow in a pipe: laminar and turbulent. The Darcy – Weisbach equation and the Moody chart.
  • The information concerning various expansion devices.
  • The functions of vessels that may be included in a refrigeration system that store liquid refrigerant and to separate liquid from vapor.

Course description.

  • On – demand, interactive course of 6 courses
  • Online course reader with easy – to – print PDFs
  • Online self – assessment
Courses PDHs
  • Evaporators


  • Compressors


  • Condensers


  • Pipes, Valves and Pump


  • Expansion Devices


  • Pressure Vessels


very module includes:

  • Reading assignment
  • Learning activities
  • Lesson summary
  • Module exam

Learning Objectives: The 6 online courses help you to understand:

  • The heat transfer methods, overall heat transfer coefficient, purpose of fins on an evaporator, and the basic configurations of air cooling evaporators and liquid cooling evaporators.
  • The basic operation of a compressor, the two efficiencies for reciprocating compressors, basic operation of different types of compressors.
  • The condensation process, the operation of the air – cooled and water – cooled condenser, the air side processes on the psychometric chart and the need for purging the non – condensable gases from the refrigeration system.
  • The laminar and turbulent flow, the Darcy – Weisbach equation and the Moody chart, operation of positive – displacement pumps and centrifugal pumps, and give a suitable application for each, and the term net positive – displacement pumps.
  • The operation of capillary tubes, short tube restrictors, pressure control valves, thermostatic expansion valves, low – and high – side level control valves, and the application of a turbo expander in a Brayton refrigeration cycle.
  • The four classifications and function of vessels in a refrigeration system, and the refrigerant charge in a system.



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