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Food Handler Safety

It has become much more evident over the past few years, with the highly publicized food-born illnesses that have come about, that there are necessary steps that need to be taken in order to ensure the safety of our people. Restaurant owners are taking very large risks, and one way that has been come up with to minimize the danger is to encourage, and in many cases, require that all fool handlers take training courses about food safety.

In many cases where food-born illness has been a problem, it could have been easily avoided had everyone been properly education and practicing proper food handling techniques. With the online training course provided by Online Institute of America you will understand the possible risks and outcomes as well as how to prevent them.

Our food safety course is structured to help you learn, not only in your career, but throughout your life, how to properly handle and prepare food. At the end of the course, you will be able to print out your certificate immediately.

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By the time you finish this course you will be able to:

  • Gain an understanding of the term “Food-borne Illness”

    One of the biggest preventable problems that occurs in the food industry has to do with food-borne illness. More commonly known as food poisoning, food-borne illness is essentially the result of being sick from eating food that has been contaminated.

    By taking a food safety training course, you will be given a unique set of skills that will help you prevent food poisoning from occurring. Our online food safety courses will prepare you, as an employee of the service industry, to not only be aware of potential causes of food-borne illness, but also how to prevent and take corrective action in the event that food contamination does occur.

  • Implement a Safe Guide for Handling Food

    Our online safety training courses will provide owners and employees with the ability to create and maintain a set of guidelines that will ensure the overall safety of everyone, especially customers, that work in or visit your establishment.

    Having a well thought out plan for food safety is a priceless asset to any restaurant. Would you go back to a restaurant that made you sick? If your answer is no– guess what? Your customer’s probably is too. An effective safety plan will ensure proper action is being taken to prepare and serve food, helping maintain customer service and the overall well being of everyone involoved.

  • Learn how food-borne illness can be prevented through proper handling practices

    The easiest way to prevent food poisoning from happening as a result of your restaurant’s food is simple: understand and practice proper food safety.

    The safety of your customers is imperative to maintaining a successful business in any industry. This is no different in the food industry; proper food handling techniques will significantly increase the overall safety of your restaurant, resulting in better customer service and happier customers.

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