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Illinois Insurance Pre-license & Exam Prep

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The Exam4Caster® is a unique exam simulation and diagnostic tool designed to address the three major challenges you face in seeking to qualify for a Producer’s license.

  • Identifying the critical information that will appear on the State Exam
  • Mastering that information
  • Demonstrating your proficiency by passing a standardized test
  • Exam4Caster offers 4 practice exams with over 450 questions. Every question includes valuable feedback to clarify your understanding and help you pass your state exam.
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Course Description

As we begin our study of Property and Casualty insurance, it is critical for you to build a foundational Property and Casualty insurance vocabulary. You will encounter very few words that you have not heard before.but the insurance meaning can be a bit more complex.and, sometimes totally different than the common usage definition. At times the terminology will make the most sense if you approach the concept from the viewpoint of the policyowner, but at others, thinking from the perspective of the insurance company is most helpful. You should be most alert for vocabulary that differs from your day – to – day usage, as that is where you are most likely to misinterpret a contractual nuance. Since this course deals with Personal and Commercial Lines Property and Casualty insurance, let’s begin by defining those terms.

Part I: Property and Casualty Fundamentals

  • Chapter 1: Building a Property and Casualty Vocabulary
  • Chapter 2: Contract Law
  • Chapter 3: Basics of Property Insurance
  • Chapter 4: Basics of Liability Insurance

Part II: Personal Lines

  • Chapter 5: Homeowners and Dwelling Policies
  • Chapter 6: Personal Auto Policy
  • Chapter 7: Watercraft and Flood Policies

Part III: Commercial Lines

  • Chapter 8: The Commercial Package Policy
  • Chapter 9: Commercial Property
  • Chapter 10: Commercial General Liability
  • Chapter 11: Crime and Fidelity Bonds
  • Chapter 12: Equipment Breakdown Coverage
  • Chapter 13: Other Commercial Policies – Auto, Marine, and Farm
  • Chapter 14: Businessowners Policy
  • Chapter 15: Workers Compensation and Employers Liability

Part IV: Illinois State Law

  • Chapter 16: General Illinois Insurance Law
  • Chapter 17: Illinois Personal Lines Law
  • Chapter 18: Illinois Commercial Lines Law
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Course Description

While the idea of insuring stuff.ships, cargo, buildings, contents and the like.has been around for centuries, the popular usage of Life and Health insurance did not originate until the onset of the 20th Century. Since the early 1900’s, the idea of using Life insurance to offset the costs of a funeral has become common place. As we progressed, Life policy death benefits grew to cover the funeral and the final expenses of the deceased. Policy limits which could pay final medical expenses, cover short – term debts and even installment loans in addition to funeral costs gave the policies an element of survivor protection that had not existed before. By the 1950’s many agents began talking to their clients about estate creation and estate protection.

Part I: Introduction to Life & Health Insurance

  • Chapter 1: Purpose of insurance
  • Chapter 2: Contract Law
  • Chapter 3: Underwriting and the Application

Part II: Life Insurance

  • Chapter 4: Traditional Life Policies
  • Chapter 5: Flexible Feature Life Policies
  • Chapter 6: Policy Provisions
  • Chapter 7: Policy Options
  • Chapter 8: Policy Riders
  • Chapter 9: Annuities and Retirement Plans
  • Chapter 10: Business and Group Life
  • Chapter 11: Social Security

Part III: Accident and Health Insurance

  • Chapter 12: Health Foundations
  • Chapter 13: Medical Expense Policies
  • Chapter 14: Disability Income Policies
  • Chapter 15: Uniform Individual Health Policy Provisions
  • Chapter 16: Group Health Insurance
  • Chapter 17: Medicare and Medicaid
  • Chapter 18: Limited Health Insurance Policies

Part IV: Illinois Insurance Laws

  • Chapter 19: General Illinois Insurance Law
  • Chapter 20: Illinois Life Insurance Law
  • Chapter 21: Illinois Health Insurance Law
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