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North Carolina Real Estate CE

Complete your North Carolina real estate continuing education requirements. Our courses are designed to help you fulfill your CE credits for your North Carolina real estate license renewal. 360training.com is an online real estate school that offers you the convenience of studying at your own pace in any location with Internet connection.

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This course covers broad issues on fair housing laws. Specifically, the student will learn: what fair housing laws exist, what classes of individuals are covered under these laws, how discrimination is defined in real estate, how can one avoid discriminating practices, and what the consequences are for non – compliance with fair housing laws. This module addresses the following topics.

  • Introduction to Fair Housing
  • Discrimination

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    Environmental Hazards

    This course covers major environmental hazards. Licensees need to familiarize themselves with environmental issues because they have a responsibility to disclose to buyers any information that might affect their decision to buy. Environmental hazards can dramatically affect a property’s value, so buyers, sellers, lenders and licensees all can be affected by them. This course includes the following lessons.

  • The Indoor Environment
  • The External Environment
  • Legislation
  • Disclosure and Site Assessment
  • Real Estate Practice.

    Students will learn throughout this course to identify internal and external environmental issues. They will learn about health hazards, environmental legislation, liability and responsibility for cleanup and protection. They will also learn about actions they should take and how issues affect licensees and lending. Licensees are not expected to be environmental experts, but in this course students will acquire a competency with environmental issues which will help them to elucidate issues for buyers, sellers and lenders. Knowledge of environmental issues also will help protect them from charges of nondisclosure.

    The conclusion of this course presents real world dilemmas and applications of the information presented. As the student completes this course, he or she should try to paint a big picture of environmental issues, which the course will address with comprehensive content questions, practices and case studies.

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    Course Description.

    The objective of this course is to teach the real estate professional how he or she can help clients in buying and selling property on a tax – favorable basis.

    The first two lessons of the course seek to provide a method of real estate purchase using pretax dollars and of growing the estate within a qualified product. We will discuss the application of current tax advantages of using both qualified and non – qualified tax products such as IRA’s, SEP IRA, 401k, Roth IRAs and charitable gift annuities. The use of these applications will provide the real estate professional with the opportunity to create a long standing and profitable relationship with his or her clients, as well as attracting a more sophisticated investor wishing to find an alternative to 1031 exchanges.

    The final lessons of this module will explain the many important aspects of Internal Revenue Code Section 1031. The course will focus on the benefits of the 1031 exchange for the investor, licensed real estate agent/broker and other parties to the transaction. Upon completion of this course, the student will learn which properties qualify under Section 1031 and how to use the various types of 1031 exchanges to enhance the client’s position in the investment real estate market.

    Learning Objectives

    Upon completion of this module the student will.

    • Be able to identify motivated buying and selling clients.
    • Know the attributes of qualified and non – qualified products and how they can be of benefit to the sales process.
    • Be able to identify the restrictive rulings of the 1031 exchange program.
    • Know how money can be accumulated using pre – tax dollars, accumulate interest on a tax – deferred basis, and create litigation protection.
    • Know charitable strategies of creating income and tax relief for individuals or families owning highly – appreciated real estate.
    • Know about Charitable Gift Annuities, and the annuity payments, income benefits and tax advantages associated with them.
    • Know the parameters that the IRS uses to define a valid like kind exchange.
    • Know the pros and cons of various exchanging alternatives.
    • Know the mechanics of a successful tax – deferred exchange and the role of each party in those exchanges.
    • Be familiar with exchange documentation and the role of a qualified intermediary.
    • Understand what constitutes “boot” and how to deal with it.
    • Know how to calculate whether a sale is to be preferred over an exchange.
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    This module discusses liens, taxes and foreclosures. There are many types of liens, as well as several kinds of taxes, that can attach to a parcel of real estate. When borrowers default on a debt, foreclosure is the process by which lienholders collect the unpaid portion of a debt. Because liens represent an interest in real property, it is crucial that real estate licensees develop an in – depth understanding of liens and lien – related issues. Such knowledge also helps licensees to better advise buyers and sellers.
    The first lesson presents a general overview of liens. It explains the classification of liens and discusses the types of non – tax liens. Lesson two discusses taxes and tax issues, including ad valorem taxes, real estate tax computation, special assessments, real estate transfer taxes, federal income taxes, capital gains taxes and tax shelters for homeowners and investors. It also discusses the priority of liens. Lesson three addresses the methods of foreclosure, redemption, deficiency judgments, tips for homeowners facing foreclosure and fraudulent behaviors related to foreclosure.
    The conclusion of this module presents real world dilemmas and applications of the information presented. As the student completes the module, he or she should try to paint a big picture of the issues surrounding liens, taxes and foreclosures, which the module addresses with comprehensive questions, activities and case studies.

    4 $44.99

    Our real estate CE courses meet the requirements of the North Carolina Real Estate Commission. Take your 8-hour North Carolina real estate continuing education now. License expires every June 30th. Real estate professionals whose licenses remain expired for more than 6 months may be required to take more courses and go through the exam and licensing procedure again.

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