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Utah Real Estate CE

Complete your Utah real estate continuing education requirements. Our courses are designed to help you fulfill your CE credits for your Utah real estate license renewal. 360training.com is an online real estate school that offers you the convenience of studying at your own pace in any location with Internet connection.

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The basics of contracts and contract law and how contracts are used in the real estate industry are addressed in this course. Students will learn the differences between express and implied contracts and bilateral and unilateral contracts as well as how to classify a contract as being executed or executory; the legal effects of a contract; the elements necessary for a valid contract; how a contract can be discharged or terminated and the various other contracts used in real estate.

3 $30

This course teaches the student how and why we communicate. Learning these basics will provide the student the basis for effective client communication. Knowing what the client wants and being able to find the perfect property based on good communication skills will result in more sales and satisfied clients.

3 $30

Bad Loans will delve into predatory lending practices and common mortgage fraud schemes. Students will learn to identify and avoid predatory lenders’ and fraud perpetrators’ tactics. The course examines the lines on mortgage forms, good faith estimates, fees, discounts, prepayment penalties, and how these items are used by predatory lenders. This course also features valuable information about dealing with issues such as late charges, tax reserves, property insurance, foreclosures, and note modification. Then students will explore popular mortgage fraud schemes and examples from real cases. Fraud tools such as flipping, straw sellers and buyers, “No Doc” loans, silent second mortgages, and false money will also be discussed.

3 $30

Setting goals and eliminating barriers to success is just the beginning of the transformation from eking out a living to a lucrative business. Licensees are presented with key models and systems that will assist in increasing their business growth exponentially. Students will gain an understanding of the fundamental principles of a real estate business, measuring performance quantitatively, mastering four key models that will allow them to operate at a higher level of success and continuing to grow and expand one’s real estate business without artificial limits.

6 $60

This course provides the student with an overview of the home loan process. Students will learn how to fill out a loan application and what information lenders require. Elements of conventional financing, loan – to – value ratios, and private mortgage insurance will be discussed. Then students will explore commercial loan products, construction loans, special purpose loans, and the loan needs of farmers and ranchers. The course also examines various kinds of alternative financing, adjustable rate mortgages, FHA and VA loans, purchase money mortgages, wrap – around financing, land contracts, lease/option plans, and other types of creative financing.

6 $60

This course explores the roles and practices of underwriters and appraisers as they qualify borrowers and properties for loans. Other requirements for loans, leases, and titles will also be discussed. The student will examine loan settlement procedures, the role of the Truth – in – Lending Act, and the effects of the Fair Housing Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act.

3 $30

Students will be introduced to the concepts, types, and approaches to value. They will learn about market value; selecting the best comparables when estimating real property value; and accurately determining square footage. This course addresses how to correctly make adjustments to value, market timing, and the reasoning and strategies as to why property sells.

4 $40

Our real estate CE courses meet the requirements of the Utah Division of Real Estate.

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