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Community Ethics New

Course Description

Course Description

Despite limited resources and the potential for violent conflict, nature evolved powerful strategies that resulted in a progression of increasingly complex and productive communities. Those principles, applied to the real estate industry, mandate a system of ethics that results in greater and more sustained professional productivity and significantly improves quality of life in our work environment, homes and communities. This course is designed to inform practicing and prospective real estate professionals about the tested and proven ethical strategies, applied to the real estate professional community, that make communities increasingly industrious and fruitful. This course also helps students understand “productivity” in a human community, as well as the principle to advance and sustain such productiveness. These strategies lead to a system of ethical principles that will improve the quality and prolificacy of one’s professional practice and personal life.

Content Outline:

  • Basic Concepts of Community Ethics
  • Ethical Strategies for Promoting Community Productivity
  • Applying the Strategies to Promote Productivity
  • Review

Learning Objectives

  • Discuss the tested and proven ethical strategies that make communities of any kind increasingly productive; Explain how ethical principles apply to the real estate professional community; Define “productivity” in a human community; Indicate how to improve the productivity of professional practices and the quality of the professional and personal lives of real estate professionals
  • Discuss the basic strategies for promoting productivity in both natural and human communities; Recall motivation to be productive; Explain the challenges of conflict mitigation; Summarize the concepts of differentiation, specialization, and cooperation; Describe how these strategies translate to ethical practice in the real estate professional community
  • Discuss how productivity promotion strategies are applied; Summarize the different ways people cooperate; Explain productive orders, systems, and investments; Recognize the importance of the conservation of resources
  • Summarize the basic strategies to promote productivity such as game theory and cooperation; Discuss the ethical principles of community productivity; Recognize the importance of stability, predictability and experimentation, and the need for a balance between these elements in achieving maximum community productivity; Explain the need for change and adaptation; Identify how experimentation leads to innovation; Differentiate between uniformity and diversity

Passing Information – % Quizzes & % Final Exams: Quizzes 75%, Final 75%

State Requirements

Our real estate CE courses meet the requirements of the Delaware Real Estate Commission (DREC). Take your Delaware real estate continuing education now. Effective in 2012, all Delaware real estate resident licenses and permits expire April 30 of even years and odd years for nonresident licenses and permits. This includes resident and nonresident, active and inactive, and all office permits.

A renewal notice will be mailed containing information on the online license renewal process. DREC requires you to attest to completing the required CE courses to renew your license. The amount of CE and mandatory courses required depends on when your license was issued.



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