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Buyers - From Contact through Closing New

Course Description

Course Description

Everything a licensee always wanted to know about buyers and the things the licensee never thought to ask will be found in this course. The student will be taught how to communicate with buyers for almost any situation and objection. This dialog will show the student how to get information from the buyer to assist the buyer in making the choices that are right for them. First impressions about buyers and the buyer’s first impressions of licensees are discussed. Creating a Wish List will help the buyer identify the choices that are important in choosing a home. The student will also be able to construct a Buyer’s Package that is made for each individual buyer from the tips learned in this course. How to handle agency objections and differentiating between customer and client are outlined. This course will take the guess work out of writing offers and closing deals. Once the deal is done the course shows the licensee how to develop a follow up system, keep in touch with buyers and create buyers for life with the referrals a happy buyer will bring.

Content Outline:

  • Preparing For Objections: Part 1
  • Preparing For Objections: Part 2
  • Preparing for Objections: Part 3
  • Buyer’s First Encounter
  • Buyer’s First Meeting
  • The Buyer’s Package
  • Agreements and Agency Objections
  • Showing the Home
  • What Really Works For the Buyer
  • Writing the Offer
  • The Closing
  • Buyers for Life

Learning Objectives

  • Identify the benefits of effective listening to both the buyer and agent;
  • Demonstrate how to respond proactively to buyers’ concerns; Construct buyers’ objections into questions and demonstrate how to address them
  • Demonstrate how to effectively exclude concerns to reach the buyer’s goal; Apply the necessary steps to answer an objection to achieve the end result; Compose an answer being proactive, not reactive
  • Demonstrate an effective tie – down close;
  • Analyze how to get a commitment from a customer/client; Identify ways to ask for business
  • Recognize that attitude is a choice and how that choice affects sales; Demonstrate good body language and why it is important; Develop good rapport with buyers; Discern the buyer’s personality for better communication; Compose words that build value; Interpret when an agent should refer the buyer to another agent
  • Apply tools to create a good first impression;
  • Learn the importance of reading the buyer;
  • Differentiate between ways to build rapport and ways to tear it down; Compose the correct words to help make a sale
  • Organize and present a buyer’s package;
  • Identify the components of a buyer’s package that will assist the buyer; Recognize successful techniques for presenting the buyer’s package
  • Explain how to answer five major agency objections; Practice the five “A’s” of agency;
  • Differentiate between a ‘customer’ and a ‘client’;
  • Discuss the importance of an agency agreement
  • Analyze what to look for when purchasing a spec home; Explain what curb appeal is and its importance in selling/buying a home; Focus on amenities listed on the buyer’s Wish List
  • Identify the amenities in a home that are most important to the buyer; Recognize which properties have the perks that a buyer will value; Interpret the consequences of misinforming buyers; Apply the best advice an agent can give a buyer
  • Recognize general contract do’s and don’ts;
  • Demonstrate when to use exhibits and amendments; Explain how ‘stipulations’ prevail in a contract
  • Itemize a closing checklist; Organize what needs to be brought to closing; Predict the agent’s after closing responsibilities; Construct a follow – up system
  • Evaluate the benefits of giving thank you gifts and how they relate to business; Construct a follow – up system to ensure buyers for life; Follow a plan to become referral minded; Recognize the four ways to measure success; Construct a Buyer Satisfaction Survey and demonstrate its importance; Discuss ways building lifelong relationships with buyers can help your career;
  • Organize a follow up system for keeping in contact with buyers; Explain how to ask for referrals

State Requirements

Our real estate CE courses meet the requirements of the Georgia Real Estate Commission (GREC). Take your 24-hour Georgia real estate continuing education now. All licensees who have a license number above 100,000 are required to take continuing education during a four-year renewal period to renew their licenses. A renewal period begins four years prior to the current renewal due date. For instance, your renewal date is March 31, 2006. You must complete your CE requirements between April 1, 2002 and March 31, 2006. All CE courses completed outside the renewal period will not be credited.



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