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Water Resources New

Course Description

Course Description

Thousands of times every day real estate licensees influence choices that home buyers and sellers make about the homes, neighborhoods, and the communities in which they live. Those who take particular care to acknowledge and demonstrate the importance of efficient, well built homes, and conservation are helping to make these desirable properties and communities more available and more valuable. Water Resources is one in a series of courses involving human ecology. Special attention is given to global water systems, water usage, the effect on the world’s population, pollution, water quality standards, wetland protection, and the importance of conservation with the strategies for achieving these goals.

Content Outline:

  • Global and U.S. Water Use
  • Global Population Growth and Statistics
  • Environmental History and Legislation
  • Natural Wetlands
  • Oceans
  • Floods

Learning Objectives

  • Analyze and put current global and U.S. water use in the context of water supply; Discuss the Ogallala aquifer depletion, irrigation efficiency, and the effects of irrigation subsidies on irrigation efficiency
  • Evaluate global population growth in perspective; Illustrate statistics involving proportion living near a coast and immigration to the U.S.; Discuss physical properties of water, water distribution, and movement around the world
  • Diagram the history of the environmental movement in the U.S. and the genesis of environmental legislation; Illustrate point and non – point sources of water pollution; Summarize water quality standards
  • Discuss natural wetlands, their distribution, history, and ecological value; Explain wetland protection; Contrast constructed wetlands and their applications with natural wetlands; Relate wellhead protection programs with emphasis on source water assessments
  • Summarize basic information about the world’s oceans and their zonation; Discuss the 2003 report of the Pew Oceans Commission on the state of U.S. oceans; Recognize the variety of coastal and marine environmental problems that are accumulating; Explain the ecological and economic importance of our coastal and marine
  • environments; Describe new ocean governance and a new ocean ethic, coastal zone management efforts, tsunamis Explain impacts of watershed; Summarize the National Flood Insurance Program Plan; Identify, and tsunami hazard mitigation
  • Discuss the topic of floods; water conservation strategies

State Requirements

Our real estate CE courses meet the requirements of the Georgia Real Estate Commission (GREC). Take your 24-hour Georgia real estate continuing education now. All licensees who have a license number above 100,000 are required to take continuing education during a four-year renewal period to renew their licenses. A renewal period begins four years prior to the current renewal due date. For instance, your renewal date is March 31, 2006. You must complete your CE requirements between April 1, 2002 and March 31, 2006. All CE courses completed outside the renewal period will not be credited.



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