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Air Conditioning Fundamentals (20 NATE Reconized hours) New

Course Description

A thorough introduction to the concepts, laws, and processes related to air conditioning systems.

  • NATE CEHs: 20
  • RSES issues CEUs in accordance with Council on Continuing Education guidelines. It is up to individual entities whether they accept RSES CEUs.
  • Course length: Approximately 16 – 24 hours

Designed For.

  • Service technicians

After Completing This Course, You Will Understand.

  • The functioning and components of a basic vapor compression system
  • The basic structure of matter and the fundamental laws related to the behaviour of different states of matter
  • The air conditioning compression cycle
  • Use of the refrigerant tables and the refrigerant properties

Course Description.

  • On – demand, interactive course of 10 modules (“short courses”)
  • Online course reader with easy – to – print PDFs
  • Online self – assessment

Modules: Also sold individually as short courses.

CEUsNATE CEHsIntroduction to Basic System Operation0.22.0Basic Structure of Matter0.22.0Heat Energy0.22.0Gas Laws I 0.22.0Gas Laws II0.22.0Pressure – Temperature Relationships0.22.0Compression Cycle I0.22.0Compression Cycle II0.22.0Refrigerant Tables0.22.0Refrigerant Properties0.22.0

Every Module Includes.

  • Reading assignment
  • Learning activities
  • Lesson summary
  • Module exam

Outcomes: .

The 10 online modules help you to understand.

  • The operation of the vapor compressor system and the components and fluids associated with it, the basic principles of thermodynamics.
  • The basic structure of matter, the various states of matter and the concept of chemical compounds, the behavior of matter under different conditions.
  • The processes that take place when heat is added to a material (solid, liquid, or gas) or removed from it, the concepts of measuring temperature changes and amounts of heat.
  • The description of gas laws that govern the behavior of the refrigerant used in an air conditioning system.
  • The behavior of various gases under different circumstances, the concept of density and temperature change, the specific volume and specific gravity of a material, the behavior of gases with respect to changes in weight and density.
  • The key terms-saturation, superheat, and subcooling, and how they relate to the functioning of an air conditioning system, the various temperature and pressure scales used in the HVAC industry and the concept of a pressure – temperature chart.
  • The principles of cooling, the concept of vapour to liquid conversion, and the air conditioning compression cycle.
  • The concept of volumetric efficiency and the factors that affect it, transformation of energy, and mechanical energy.
  • The concept of refrigerant tables and how they help to set controls and compute head pressure, the use of refrigerant tables to calculate liquid and vapor density and net refrigeration effect and estimate discharge temperatures.
  • The various properties of refrigerants, an explanation of the terms zeotropes, azeotropes, and near – azeotropes and the difference between them, the thermodynamic, physical and safety properties of common refrigerants.

How This Course Relates to Existing RSES Training:


This online course is a great complement to the instructor – led trainings being offered by RSES Chapters.

The modules that make up the Air Conditioning Fundamentals online course most directly resemble content within the first few Lessons of the, “RAC Unit1 – Principles of Refrigeration,” manual as well as the, “RSES Technical Institute Manual 1,” however, because the eLearning courses are available in short, segmented, module format, you can also choose to use any of the independent modules to supplement nearly any course in which further study or explanation is needed in a given topic area.



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