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Air Conditioning Fundamentals: 5 - Gas Laws II New

Course Description

The behavior of various gases under different circumstances, the concept of density and temperature change, the specific volume and specific gravity of a material, the behavior of gases with respect to changes in weight and density.

Learning Outcome.

Upon completion of this module you will be able to.

    1. Explain what is meant by “density”.
    2. Explain what is meant by “specific volume” and “specific gravity”.
    3. Use the formula PV = mRT to measure change in materials.
    4. State Dalton’s law of partial pressures and use it to solve problems involving gases.

Topic 1: Density

  • Topic Introduction and Objectives
  • Density of Materials
  • Comparing Densities of Two Materials
  • Why the Density of 1 ft3 of Ice Changes with a Change in Temperature
  • Densities of Some Common Materials
  • Check – Point Question: Density
  • Check – Point Question: Density
  • Topic Summary

Topic 2: Specific Volume and Specific Gravity

  • Topic Introduction and Objectives
  • Specific Volume of Materials
  • Specific Gravity of Materials
  • Check – Point Question: Specific Volume
  • Check – Point Question: Specific Gravity and Density
  • Topic Summary

Topic 3: Measuring Changes in Materials

  • Topic Introduction and Objectives
  • Measuring Two Volumes of Gas
  • Measuring Changes in Materials
  • Gas Constant (R) Value
  • Modifying the General Gas Law
  • Mass
  • Sample Problem: Calculating Internal Volume of a Cylinder
  • Check – Point Question: General Gas Law and Measuring Changes in Materials
  • Topic Summary

Topic 4: Dalton’s Law

  • Topic Introduction and Objectives
  • Mixture of Gases: Pressure Exerted by a Single Gas in a Container
  • Mixture of Gases: Pressure Exerted by Two Gases in a Container
  • Dalton’s Law: Calculating Partial Pressure of Nitrogen
  • Dalton’s Law: Calculating Partial Pressure of R – 22
  • Dalton’s Law: Calculating the Total Pressure
  • Check – Point Question: Dalton’s Law Equation
  • Topic Summary



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