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Safety for HVAC Technicians: Fire Safety New

Course Description


This module describes fire safety and related precautions.

Learning Outcome.

Upon the completion of this module, you will be able to.

1. Describe the three components that are required to start a fire.
2. Describe the four classes into which fires are grouped.
3. Explain how portable fire extinguishers are classified and labeled based on their function.
4. Describe the different types of portable fire extinguishers.
5. Explain how fire extinguishers should be used effectively.
6. List some basic tips for on – the – job fire awareness.
7. Describe the chief sources of fire hazards associated with refrigeration and air conditioning work.
8. Describe basic housekeeping practices at the job site that help prevent fires.
9. List out some basic tips on reducing the risk of fires.

Topic 1: Introduction to Fire Safety.

  • Topic Introduction and Objectives
  • The Portable Fire Extinguisher
  • The Fire Triangle
  • Fire extinguishers-Use and Labeling
  • Fire Extinguisher Maintenance
  • Check – Point Question: Classes of Fire
  • Check – Point Question: Fire Extinguisher
  • Topic Summary.

    Topic 2: Types of Portable Fire Extinguisher.

  • Topic Introduction and Objectives
  • Extinguishers for Class A Fires
  • Extinguishers for Class B Fires
  • Extinguishers for Class C Fires
  • Extinguishers for Class D Fires
  • Check – Point Question: Classes of Fire and Extinguishing Agents
  • Check – Point Question: Features of Fire Extinguishers
  • Topic Summary.

    Topic 3: Proper Use of Fire Extinguisher.

  • Topic Introduction and Objectives
  • Fire Extinguisher Usage
  • Selecting and Locating Fire Extinguishers
  • Inspecting Fire Extinguishers
  • Check – Point Question: Use and Selection of Fire Extinguishers
  • Topic Summary

    Topic 4: Fire Awareness.

  • Topic Introduction and Objectives
  • Carry a Fire Extinguisher
  • Fire Hazards
  • Check – Point Question: Types of Fire Extinguishers
  • Check – Point Question: Chief Sources of Fire Hazard
  • Topic Summary.

    Topic 5: Housekeeping and Precautions.

  • Topic Introduction and Objectives
  • Best Practices for Housekeeping
  • Common Conditions that Cause Fires
  • Reducing the Risk of Fire
  • More Vital Tips on Preventing Fires
  • Check – Point Question: Reducing the Risk of Fire
  • Topic Summary
  • Assessment

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