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Environmental Hazards New

Course Description



Course Description:
This module covers major environmental hazards. Licensees need to familiarize themselves with environmental issues because they have a responsibility to disclose to buyers any information that might affect their decision to buy. Environmental hazards can dramatically affect a property’s value, so buyers, sellers, lenders and licensees all can be affected by them. Students will learn throughout this module to identify internal and external environmental issues. They will learn about health hazards, environmental legislation, liability and responsibility for cleanup and protection. They will also learn about actions they should take and how issues affect licensees and lending. Licensees are not expected to be environmental experts, but in this module students will acquire a competency with environmental issues which will help them to elucidate issues for buyers, sellers and lenders. Knowledge of environmental issues also will help protect them from charges of nondisclosure. The conclusion of this module presents real world dilemmas and applications of the information presented. As the student completes this module, he or she should try to paint a big picture of environmental issues, which the module will address with comprehensive content questions, practices and case studies.


  • Identify recent laws that have an impact on environmental issues, including lead – based paint disclosure laws
  • Know the procedures used to locate toxic waste sites, the responsibilities for cleanup and steps that may be taken to minimize future liabilities
  • Understand the nature of major air pollutants and the remedies that may be applied to minimize their effects
  • Be able to list at least three sources of human exposure to PCBs and at least two effects of this PCB exposure on humans
  • Understand landowners’ responsibility for the protection of wetlands areas on their property
  • Identify the issues landowners and developers face regarding endangered – species protection
  • Comprehend the nature of electromagnetic forces and the possible need for testing
  • Be able to describe at least two major provisions of the Small Business Liability Relief and Brownfields Revitalization Act
  • Know the current status of environmental laws and their effect on property insurance and mortgage lending


  • Lesson 1: The Indoor Environment
  • Lesson 2: The External Environment
  • Lesson 3: Legislation
  • Lesson 4: Disclosure and Site Assessment
  • Lesson 5: Real – Estate Practice

Please see the state/regulatory requirement from the course catalog page.

This course has been approved for 3 hours.


Quizzes – All quizzes must be taken to proceed forward to the next lesson.
Final Exam – You will be required to take a final exam.

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