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ASHRAE - Fundamentals of HVAC Systems New

Course Description

Course Description

The Fundamentals of HVAC Systems ncludes.

  • On – demand, interactive course of 13 online courses
  • Online course reader
  • Online self – assessment
  • Completion certificate for 35 PDHs

Separate Inch – Pound and SI / metric versions are available.

A thorough introduction to how HVAC systems control temperature, air quality, and air circulation in a conditioned space.

After completing this course, you will understand:

  • The objectives to be achieved by an HVAC system in terms of environmental control.
  • The description of a system – including primary equipment, means of distribution, space and load determination, and operating strategy.
  • The basic function of components that form HVAC systems.
  • The layout and functioning of common HVAC systems, including all – air systems, air – water systems, and all – water systems.
  • The strategies for operating systems and their basic means of control.
  • Identifying the most suitable type of system for different types of applications.

Ideal for:

  • Recent engineering graduates working in HVAC&R
  • Engineers entering HVAC&R from another area
  • Architects
  • Technicians
  • Construction or building management professionals wanting to increase their knowledge of HVAC systems.

Learning Objectives

The 13 online courses help you to understand.

  • Introduction to air – conditioning, the environmental factors influencing comfort, and how to determine and prioritise system design objectives
  • How to understand and use simple psychrometric charts, description of basic system components and operation of the economizer cycle
  • Understanding the factors determining thermal comfort and the comfort envelope to design systems that operate within acceptable ranges
  • Understanding the types, sources and effects of air contaminants and how to control them, and the basic concepts of ASHRAE Standard 62.1
  • How to define zones and place thermostats effectively
  • Calculating and maintaining mixed air temperature with Single – zone Air Handlers and Refrigeration Equipment
  • How to describe and sketch the common all – air systems, and discriminate between the advantages and disadvantages of each
  • Components, strengths and weaknesses of hydronic systems, the effects of varying water flow and considerations for effective ventilation
  • General operation and layout of Steam Systems and Water Systems : Hot Water, Chilled Water and Condenser Water Systems
  • The value of Central versus Distributed Plants, the significance of pressure in boilers, the operation of chillers and cooling tower performance
  • Understanding types of controls and control loops, DDC point types and protocol to ensure communication between DDC systems
  • How to save energy in operation and design of HVAC systems, overview of ASHRAE Standard 90.1, Heat Recovery and Control of Building Pressure
  • Radiant Heating and Cooling, Thermal Storage, Room Air Distribution and Humidity Control

Courses :
Each of the Full – Length Course’s 13 Modules are available separately as a Short Course.

13 Courses from HVAC Systems (I – P and SI) PDHs
  • Introduction to HVAC Design


  • HVAC Systems: An Introduction


  • HVAC Systems: Thermal Comfort


  • HVAC Systems: Ventilation & IAQ


  • HVAC Systems: Intro to Zones


  • HVAC Systems: Single – Zone Handlers & Unitary Equipment


  • HVAC Systems: Multiple – Zone Air Systems




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