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Techniques of Financial Analysis, Modeling and Forecasting New

Course Description

This course covers everything a business person needs to know about accounting and finance. The course is directed towards the business person who must have financial and accounting knowledge, but who has not had formal training in the field. For instance, this course would be valuable to a newly promoted middle manager or a marketing manager of a small company who must know some basic finance concepts. This information is also valuable to the entrepreneur or sole proprietor who may have brilliant product ideas, but not the slightest idea about financing. The goal of the course is to provide a working knowledge of the fundamentals of finance and accounting, which can be applied in the real world, regardless of firm size. This course gives non – financial managers the understanding they need to function effectively with their colleagues in the area of finance.

Accounting and Finance for Managers and Entrepreneurs

Course Level: Basic.

Learning Objectives:
Recognize different strategies for evaluating investment decisions.
Become confident with adding additional managerial responsibilities to your workload.
Understand basic financial information in order to evaluate the performance of your responsibility center.
Be able to analyze a balance sheet, income statement, and a statement of cash flow.

Topics Covered:
Chapter 1: Essentials of Accounting and Finance
Chapter 2: Types of Cost Data and Cost Analysis
Chapter 3: Contribution Analysis
Chapter 4: Break – Even and Cost – Volume – Profit Analysis
Chapter 5: Relevant Cost and Making Short – Term Decision
Chapter 6: Forecasting Cash Needs and Budgeting
Chapter 7: Cost Control and Variance Analysis
Chapter 8: Managing Financial Assets
Chapter 9: Managing Accounts Receivable and Credit
Chapter 10: Managing Inventory
Chapter 11: The Time Value of Money
Chapter 12: Capital Budgeting Decisions
Chapter 13: Improving Managerial Performance
Chapter 14: Evaluating and Improving your Department?s Performance
Chapter 15: Sources of Short – Term Financing
Chapter 16: Considering Term Loans and Leasing
Chapter 17: Long – Term Debt and Equity Financing
Chapter 18: Interpreting Financial Statements
Chapter 19: Accounting Conventions and Recording Financial Data
Chapter 20: Assessing Financial Health and Fitness.

Regulatory Requirement:
Please see the state requirements section on the course catalog page.

Course Prerequisite:

Seat Time / Credit Hour:
7 hr.

The student will be required to pass the final exam with a 70% in order to receive course credit.

Course Completion:
Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to print their certificate online.

About the Subject Matter Expert:
Dr. Jae K. Shim is Professor of Business at California State University, Long Beach, California. Dr. Shim received his MBA and Ph.D. degrees from the University of California at Berkeley (Haas School of Business.) He has co – authored over 50 professional business books and has been a consultant to commercial and nonprofit organizations for over 30 years.



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